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“I believe that building a business with true partnerships and relationships will be the key to lasting the test of time.”

Jonny Elliott, CEO

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Our unwavering commitment is to make a positive impact on every project, irrespective of its scale. We’re more than a web design agency at Three Ducks; we’re your partner in growth, keen on crafting digital solutions that are timeless and supported by enduring partnerships and authentic relationships. So, welcome to Three Ducks, where web design meets sincere collaboration.

"Three Ducks is proud to cater to a diverse client base, ranging from local businesses to multinational corporations."

Welcome to Three Ducks, a testament to entrepreneurial vision and excellence. Our narrative is rooted in unwavering dedication, beginning in early 2020 with our founder, Jonny Elliott. His mission was clear: establish a digital agency that goes beyond designing websites; instead, build enduring partnerships and authentic relationships with clients. 

Our founder, Jonny Elliott, is more than an entrepreneur. As a visionary passionate about personal growth and development, he recognises the importance of streamlined processes, integrated systems, and intelligent automations within the digital landscape. These principles underpin our ethos as we steer through the ever-fluctuating digital terrain.

Three Ducks is proud to cater to a diverse client base, ranging from local businesses to multinational corporations. We firmly believe that a client’s size should never dictate the quality of service they receive.

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Our Core Values



Driven by relentless innovation, we constantly pioneer new solutions that save time and enhance business. Our dedication fuels our passion for creating and maintaining websites that meet our clients' dynamic needs. By emphasising productivity and process streamlining, we integrate business and personal life optimisation. Our monthly design and maintenance packages embody our commitment, simplifying complexities and maximising efficiency for our clients' success.



Building strong, lasting relationships with our clients is at the heart of what we do. We value collaboration and believe that success is best achieved together. Our commitment to partnership ensures that we're not just service providers but trusted allies in your business journey.



We're dedicated to streamlining processes, saving time, and enhancing your online presence. Efficiency is the cornerstone of our services, allowing you to focus on what matters most—fulfilling your life's purpose and business goals.

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