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Feel the empowerment of having your own website and app functionalities.

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Step into Three Ducks, where digital magic meets relentless entrepreneurship. We’re not your typical web design firm; we’re your partners in crafting efficient web and app solutions, backed by the ongoing support you deserve. Join us on this extraordinary journey at Three Ducks.


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📦 VisionarySites

Web creation service

Your premium online presence awaits. Tailored to perfection, our VisionarySite design solution ensures you stand out, attract, and convert.

📦 Appify

App creation package

Turn your website into a dynamic app experience. Appify transforms your online space into an interactive & user-friendly app, connecting you with clients like never before.

📦 SiteGuardian

Website care package

Elevate your digital presence with our premium maintenance. Get regular updates, security protection, and optimisation, freeing you to focus on business growth.

Passion for service delivery excellence

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Time-Saving website Solutions

At Three Ducks, we’ve orchestrated website packages that don’t just meet the market’s standards but elevate them. Here’s our suite, designed with precision and priced for perfection.

Most Comprehensive

AppifyGuardian Pro Suite

All in one app management & website care package.


/ month
Most Popular

SiteGuardian Package

For websites. Robust web protection, hosting and support package.


/ month

VisionaryHost Package

Simple hosting.


/ month
Why choose Three Ducks for monthly support?

Our monthly support isn’t just maintenance; it’s a partnership. We’re here to keep your web and app functionalities running smoothly, evolving with your business needs. With us, your digital assets are in expert hands.

What sets Three Ducks apart from other agencies?

We’re not just service providers; we’re strategic partners. Our unique approach involves diving deep into your business, understanding your entrepreneurial vision, and crafting tailor-made solutions. We’re here to bolster your journey to the top.

How does Three Ducks ensure my success?

Our commitment goes beyond launch day. We offer ongoing monthly support to ensure your digital presence remains cutting-edge. We’ve got your back, so you can focus on what you do best—growing your business.

Why should I choose Three Ducks for my web and app needs?

Because we’re not just developers; we’re digital visionaries. We blend artistic finesse with technical brilliance, creating web and app solutions that stand out. Our secret sauce? We’re obsessed with streamlining, so your business achieves unprecedented efficiency and success.

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