Why You Should Be Podcasting & How You Can Start Immediately.

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What is a podcast?

A podcast is an audio program/series, (which we can also be recorded in Video format at the same time) that is accessible to people who have smart phones. People can subscribe to your ‘channel’ and they get notified when a new episode has been released. At Three Ducks, we have our Quack Productions studio where we record audio and visual content at the same time. We then post edit and send out the content on behalf of our clients to their desired online locations.

The Increasing Popularity

Podcast listenership has been growing year on year, with an estimate of around 15.6 million listeners in the UK alone in 2020.

With the growing popularity and increased awareness of podcasts and how to access them, it is clear to see that this medium of spreading your message, connecting with your target audience and sharing your experiences with the world is only going to continue to grow.

Podcasts listenership

(Chart provided by Ofcom)

6 Quacking Reasons To Start A Podcast

1. Become A Thought Leader Within Your Field

Consistently showing up, helping and giving out advice on your industry topics, positions you as an authority in your industry/niche. Hosting a podcast has such a great effect and works along side your blog to help develop your reputation.

2. More Personable

I, like many, listen to podcasts in all different locations; at the gym, driving my car, walking, in bed. After a regular listen I feel I have connected with the podcaster and it feels like I’m involved in the conversation. As your audience listens, they will develop a connection with you and the programme.

3. Time Efficient Form Of Communication

Podcasting is time efficient for both you and your listeners. Recording time can be significantly less than if you were writing a blog for example! Podcasting is also fun and I can certainly say, provides some good vibes and energy in the Quack Productions studio!

4. To Promote Your Products/Services

Podcasting is a great tool to attract your ideal customers or clients. You can use your show to help promote your own products and services. You can mention these things in your episodes, or simply tell your listeners to visit your website, or a link provided. Giving away educational or helpful information along side promotions is great marketing.

5. Video Is Dominating The Digital Community

YouTube has more than 2 billion logged in users per month! All the major networks make use of videos including Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, and LinkedIn. The social media networks have made it easy for videos to be uploaded and shared with all your friends and connections.

6. Increase The Size & Value Of Your Network

Having a podcasting channel and posting regular weekly/monthly content is fantastic for your marketing strategy and will undoubtabley help position you above your competitors. Expanding your network is a key benefit. Reaching out to people you want to learn more about and work with will help expand and grow your network at an extensive rate. Every guest on the show can potentially become a life long contact.

So, How To Start A Podcast Immediately ?

Join The Owners’ Club – www.theownersclub.uk for £19.99 per month and get access to our offers, there is one that entitles you to a FREE initial podcast recording session worth over £400!

I hope you have enjoyed this blog, for any further questions you may have on Podcasts please don’t hesitate to contact me – Jonny@threeducks.co.uk. I am more than happy to help and guide you through the process.

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‘When You get Tired, Learn To Rest, Not Quit.’