The importance of a website for Startups

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The importance of a website for Startups

Most new business owners and entrepreneurs know that they need to have a website. It provides a digital presence for them, can create new opportunities, and can increase the awareness.

But before you tackle the project of getting your website built, it’s important to understand why your start-up needs a website and where it will fit within your overall marketing strategy.

You’re most likely asking yourself: “Why does my start-up need a website?” Well, websites can bring a lot more business opportunities to the table. If you’re a start-up, your main aim is to build a solid reputation among your target market. It’s all about getting your business in front of people and having them take notice of you.

Advantages of a Website for a Start-up

Well, we have several reasons to support the idea of having a website for a new business. However, we will discuss the most common benefits so that you can see how important a website is for your business.

1- Digital Communication

A great website will leave a lasting mark on the user. Standing out from the crowd is becoming increasingly difficult these days, so making sure you communicate your USPs effectively on your website is vital.  So, along with getting the best web creation services your budget allows, you should also opt for branding and graphic designing services. Looking amateur online defeats the purpose of your website.

2- Attract Prospects and Keep in touch with Regulars 

A website is one of the best ways to market your products and services. It’s a perfect tool to showcase your products, explain your services and provide valuable information about you as a business. At Three Ducks, we specialise in making this information, clear and attractive for your target audience. We want your target audience to be impressed and for them to take action whilst on your website.

3- Improve Your Brand Image

A website designed properly and effectively creates an alluring perception of your business. A well-written page coupled with high-quality images can give prospective customers a strong impression of your business. Increasing brand awareness in an ever busy and growing market place has never been so important. The feelings your customers have with your brand is important and we need to make sure you are always thinking on brand.

4- Inform, Educate, & Showcase – Social Proof

A crucial goal when building a website is to satisfy the information hunger of your target audience, especially when you are new to the sector and your brand may not have as much social proof as your competitors. Build social proof by putting yourself out there, as a professional brand, showcase your knowledge via your website and social media channels – point prospective customers to your new website via these social channels. Your website should have CTA’s (Call to Action) which encourage the user to purchase, part with their information etc.…

5. Build Reputation

You need to build a good reputation for your business through endorsements. You can showcase these endorsements partnering with a variety of review websites such as Google Reviews and Trustpilot. We offer integration of these on websites we build.

Final Verdict

We at Three Ducks try to follow the above-mentioned tips for building robust websites for our clients. It’s important to understand the key benefits of having a website for your business so you can make sure you are utilizing the website for maximum impact. For more information and for a quote on getting your new website live, contact us. 😊

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‘Success is not an activity, but a process’