The Importance of Social media branding and the 3 key tips to level it up.

Social media, love it or hate it, it’s here to stay. I have no doubt that, like anything, there will be changes, developments and evolutions to how we all use social media, but what is clear, in whatever form, it’s here for the long term.

59% of people access social media everyday and over a third check social media 5 times a day or more. This is a powerful statistic and should be a reality check for businesses not taking social media and their online marketing strategy seriously.

With 1 in 5 adults in the UK planning to start a business before the end of 2021, it’s never been more crucial to have your online marketing strategy in place and your online presence to be the best it possibly can be for your budget and time availability.

Social media branding gives that all important first impression and a powerful encompassing view of the quality of what your offer is for new potential customers. Social media branding is a key part to your overall marketing strategy and it can be a powerful acting bridge to your website, and when used correctly, it also helps boost your SEO rankings.

So, what are the 3 key tips I would advise a business to do immediately?

Key Tip 1 – A current logo & brand review. Is it fit for purpose moving forward? If so, what are your brand values / what do you stand for? Write all this down in an encompassing document as a set of ‘rules’ that can be referred back to. What is the mission of the brand and business moving forward and think about the messages you want to get across to your followers…

Key Tip 2 – Image quality / content quality. Your quality of content reflects the quality of your work and business. Poor content quality = less desirable for your target audience. Aim to have strict guidelines in place for what does pass for content that can go on your social media channels. This can be made easier by having a content calendar and planning posts in advance. I know some clients that like to plan content 1 week ahead, others like to plan a few months ahead, so go with what suits you and your business model here.

Key Tip 3 – Custom and purpose made profile pictures and cover photos. Different and themed throughout the seasons/year. Spending some time designing and uploading the correct profile image sizes for social media is very important for the branding of your business. Nothing looks more unprofessional than a blurred out fuzzy image. One idea that I suggest to clients is to have updated cover/profile pictures for different times of the year or to suit a certain project or campaign you are currently on. Lots of interesting and attention-grabbing ideas can be thought out here that can really allow your brand to stand out from others on social media.

I Hope you have enjoyed this quick blog post. Please feel free to connect with me, like the post and get in touch if you need any advice or help on the matter, or indeed anything related to branding, design or web creation.

Have a great day. 😊