My top 5 tips for helping you increase organic traffic, for free.

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94% of first impressions relate to your site’s web design

Welcome back to another edition of my blog. I hope you are having a good week.

“How can I increase the number of visitors to my website?” This is a common question when we take on a new client or a start-up client. Today I want to give you all an insight on the importance of knowing the purpose of the website before its designed, and how this can impact your business. I will also discuss the top 5 tips for helping you increase your organic traffic to your website. So, let’s get started…

Has anyone got a map? I’m lost!

Before we get into the best ways to increase your organic traffic, we have to establish the fundamentals.

When starting a journey in the car, you programme the sat nav to the end destination. There is a route mapped out, and a clear target and goal set. You are then given an ETA (estimated time of arrival) by the sat nav. Just like your car journey, the web design process needs to have a clear end destination and a mapped out plan of what needs to be accomplished and what business targets this correlates to.

I always ask clients in our first meeting, what are your business goals? What do you want the website to achieve? Specifics are key here, so we do spend some time drilling down. We then map out new ideas, and efficient ways of how we can incorporate the web design and features to accomplish the business goals.

Ensuring this is done properly and in some depth is key. This is why at Three Ducks we stand out from the crowd, because we incorporate consultancy and growth strategies that truly have the power to enable business development through web design and branding.

So, assuming this has been done, and the website is designed, finished and live. We can now move onto the next natural progression stage and situation, which is common among clients who don’t continue to work with us post web design/development stage…

“How can I increase the number of visitors to my website?”

On one of our Three Ducks monthly care packages, we ensure that you are getting full optimisation for your budget on a monthly basis. For start-ups, I appreciate this is not always affordable at first, but at the same time they are the ones who need the organic traffic the most.

My chosen 5 Top tips to help you increase your organic traffic for free

As for all of the below, they can be delved into at huge depth and I could sit here typing for hours about each of them. This is just a brief overview of what you should be focusing on;

1. The key is Keywords

Getting found via search engines can be very challenging. But having a high value keywords list will help. Find high-volume, low-competition keywords. A good tool to use would be

2. It really does Meta

Meta descriptions and meta data are crucial for SEO. The meta title, URL and description are the three key ingredients for an optimised web page. They allow you to tell the search engines what you are talking about.

3. Lights, Camera… podcast

Creating videos and posting them to your business YouTube channel, linking them to your website and then turning them into audio only and posting them to podcasting listener apps is a fantastic way to drive traffic. With 15 million podcast listeners in the UK. The audience is growing steadily as the popularity of podcasts increases, with forecasts predicting close to 20 million listeners by 2024. If you are unsure how to do this, please contact me and its a service we offer at Three Ducks, with our new sub brand, Quack Productions.

4. Having a good ‘outlook

Email marketing! With so many now focusing on content marketing, people often forget how a powerfully driven and targeted email marketing campaign focusing on driving traffic to your site can be. If you have a low budget and are wanting to do this yourself, look into Mailchimp, it is free to use for up to 1,000 contacts.

5. Just like an athlete, it’s important to be Fast & mobile

Ensure that your website is optimised for speed. Pages that load slowly have a high bounce rate and users will simply not hang around. Image file sizes, page structures and functionality of plugins all play a part.

Along with having a fast-loading site, you need to make sure your site looks great and is fully functional on mobile devices, including tablets. You could be losing a lot of business if this hasn’t been done.

Let me know if you start implementing the top 5 free tips, and the results if you try them out. If you require some assistance in learning how to do some of the above, or want Three ducks to help you achieve your website goals, get in touch with me via email –

I leave you with an inspirational quote;

All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.

Walt Disney

Stay safe